E-Waste Recycling

we are offering E-waste Recycling service, in chennai for disposal and recycling of your organisation E-waste.

SKV E-Waste Recycling takes pride in providing E-Waste Scrap in chennai , laptop , server , printers , routers , hardrives , Electronic Whiteboards etc.. for rental , buying , selling where you can trust to have your laptop or computer order completed to the highest standard, as fast as possible and at a competitive cost that won’t harm your pocket! . In addition , we are offering E-waste Recycling service in chennai for disposal and recycling of your organisation E-waste .

With Increasing need of the disposal of E-waste , we at SKV E-Waste Recycling have been carrying out E-scrap recycling and Management at reasonable cost and strictly abiding the Government (TNPCB) Policies.

We have veriety of brand choices for computers , laptops , server , etc ...If you want to purchase a computer with your liking brand , we will help you to get it.

In response to the growing needs in our area for quality sales and service of microcomputers and minicomputers. Many companies were realizing that some jobs that had formerly been sent out to computer service bureaus could now be done cheaper and faster in house, in micros or minis. The rapidly falling prices for microcomputers accelerated this trend and made us see that we would have to help our customers use house computers, rather than send their smaller jobs to us. The company business philosophy of providing solutions and service continued to govern our way of doing business.