Effective E-Waste Disposal – Way to Forward a Clean & Green Environment World

11 Jan 2023

Effective E-Waste Disposal – Way to Forward a Clean & Green Environment World

A proper waste disposal system is a need of time but unfortunately, not many people know how to manage it. It has a great impact on not just our lives but helps keep the environment healthier for people to live in it. In the modern world, a proper waste disposal management system is a must-have and the most important aspect of this management system is the reduction of waste. There are many ways used around the globe to create an effective system that works properly and leaves a positive impact on our environment. A waste disposal management system involves the collection, transportation, disposal and recycling of the waste produced by human activities. There are many types of waste but electronic waste has been making a significant contribution to the overall waste.

What is Electronic Waste?

Many people are not sure what e-waste actually is and unknowingly contribute to it. It is important to understand that all the electronics that is not used, unwanted or not working properly comes under the umbrella of e-waste. After the useful life of a product is over, we tend to throw it away or keep it in the storage. It includes your old computers, laptops, mobile phones, television, VCRs, printers, wires, speakers and much more.

The Toxins that E-Waste Hides

Modern technology and electronic items are safe to use above the ground but threats of e-waste are shown when it is dumped in landfills. This process leads to the leaching of harmful chemicals into the soil. Most of the electronic equipment has chemicals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, brominated flame retardants, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and beryllium that can be toxic to the environment. It will leave harmful effects on the soil, water bodies, rocks and ultimately a threat to the wildlife as well.

When you dump your e-waste into the landfills, it keeps dissolving into the solid in microscopic quantities but the bulk of waste produces a lot of such chemicals. These dissolved chemicals will start permeating the layers of soil and can reach a water body due to this leaching.



Challenges Faced for E-waste Disposal and Elimination

The e-waste disposal system of most of the countries in the world is not working properly due to some main challenges including high costs and ineffective infrastructure to manage their electronic waste disposal and elimination.

Costly Method

In most cases, recycling cost is more than the revenue generated from it and that keeps many industries from sending off their old electronics for recycling and they prefer to dump it. Mostly such e-waste is dumped in places that don’t have many regulated environmental standards. This reason leads to more dumping and less recycling leading to the release of toxins.

Lack of Waste Disposal Infrastructure

The infrastructure for hazardous waste disposal is an important factor that would lead to proper commercial waste disposal and elimination of such waste. However, many developing countries lack such a system and thus a lot of waste is accumulated in dumps and just adds to the pollution of Earth.

What is the Cost-Effective and Well-Managed Solution for Waste Disposal?

To promote recycling culture and create a cleaner and greener environment, SKV E-waste computer recycling has started this cost-efficient solution for you. The company will perform free pick up on 20 items and get them recycled to extract value from them. This way you can feel better about it and how you are contributing towards a better Earth for future generations. The commercial waste disposal system at Skv e-waste is well managed and there are dedicated teams designated on specific tasks. The best part is that we provide services in different locations covering most of the India such as waste disposal Chennai.

Beyond the Environment – Data Security Issues

Saving the environment is our number one priority but do you think dumping your old computer is the right thing to do? Are you sure no one can retrieve your data from it and use it for their personal gains, creating problems for you? There is no such surety and that is why it is essential to securely dispose of your old electronics after proper data destruction.

Risks of data theft

This is one of the biggest risks of throwing out your used electronics because it is not the same as throwing out other stuff and garbage. You have all your data saved in the hard drive and even if you try to clear it, there is always some kind of backup that you can’t remove. Data theft is really a threat and you need to be on the safer side by avoiding it by all means. This is the reason why confidential waste disposal is essential.

Importance of confidential waste disposal for businesses

If you are a business, you might get yourself into trouble because of throwing away your client data as it is confidential. All the information you have about your clients need to stay safe and you can be held liable if it gets abused. It is essential to make sure you use a waste disposal management company that securely erases all the data and recycles the electronics to create other things.

Why is Commercial Waste Disposal Management Essential?

Not many people are aware of the benefits that come with commercial waste disposal management and you need to make sure that you know of them.

Saves Energy

By giving your old IT equipment for disposal, you can actually save many miners from digging up the grounds to collect raw material and you will save all the energy that would be put into creating the final item. Recycling already used IT is better than creating new from scratch.

Reduces Pollution

Now that you are not throwing your old mobile phones and printers into the dump, you are saving them from polluting the environment. Electronics tend to release a lot of harmful chemicals into the environment but if they are properly disposed of, you will keep the environment clean.

Conserves Environment

You can save the environment with just seemingly minor actions but they really count. Recycling is an essential step towards a clean and green environment. You will actually conserve your environment just by calling a recycling company to collect your old IT sitting in your storeroom.


Creates Employment

By giving away your old electronics for recycling, you actually become a reason for someone to be employed in a recycling firm. If you keep donating your e-waste, it creates more employment opportunities for people in need and helps people build their own businesses that you can support.


Everyone in the world contributes towards polluting it and it’s our duty to make an informed decision in order to keep the Earth safe. Giving away your old IT equipment for recycling is the best way to reduce e-waste and help conserve energy and retrieve raw material by old electronics waste disposal. If you want a helping hand in doing something for the environment, contact Skv e-waste to collect your electronic waste and recycle it to save the planet.