13 Jan 2023


Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. Disposal of electronic equipment such as computers, printers, laptops, CPUs, switches, hard drives, etc.. might be a hectic task for any organization and Industries. SKV E-Waste Recycling Company is one of the trusted enterprise for E-waste Recycling company in Chennai, India. Our E-waste recycling service includes computer Recycling , Electronic Scrap recycling , electronic waste dismantling , IT Asset Recovery, Hard Drive Destruction . Our technical professional will take electronic waste at your door steps.

  • Computer recycling
  • E-Waste dismantling
  • Electronic scrap recycling
  • IT Asset Recovery
  • Hard drive destruction

Computer Recycling :

        The term "computer recycling" describes the repurposing and reuse of desktop and laptop computers that have been thrown away or considered to be old. It also covers hardware for computers including processors, keyboards, motherboards, mouse, and monitors. Our professional recyclers will recycle the computer Waste meeting the Industry standard.


E-Waste dismantling :

        An essential step in the handling of e-waste is disassembly. It involves disassembling end-of-life equipment into its component parts and sorting them for easy recycling. E-waste is disassembled both manually and automatically. As part of the manual disassembly process, recyclable parts such as hard drives, CD/DVD drives, motherboards, memory, power supplies, networking components, etc. are first separated from plastic RAM, plastic, iron, lightweight metals, batteries, LCD displays, etc.

Electronic Scrap Recycling :

        We provide a step-by-step process for recycling e-waste. Waste is first collected, then physically separated, then the hazardous waste is broken down using automation tools, and then it is given to our well-trained recyclers. You will certainly require help to dispose of any computer scrap or similar electronic scrap, such as a laptop, printer, scanner, etc., once it has reached the end of its useful life.

IT Asset Recovery :

        Asset Recovery for IT We take your electronic assets and determine which can be recycled and which will be collected. Assets that are being automatically sold will increase your company's financial benefits, and assets that are being recycled will be done so in accordance with industry standards. Identifying idle assets is one of the key steps in the asset recovery process. There are a lot of potential hidden expenses involved with managing idle assets. The money worth of unused equipment typically depreciates, changing the original cost.

Hard drive destruction :

        One of the most efficient ways to destroy a hard drive is to shred it. It involves shredding the drive into tiny pieces by putting it through a shredder machine. Hard drives store data on platters, therefore chopping up the platter and whatever data it contains will make the drive unusable. As it deals with real facts, this section is the most crucial. The main quality that should be effectively addressed is authenticity.