Drive Destruction Services

Drive Destruction Services

Hard disk drive destruction is the act of destroying a hard disk drive to render the stored data unreadable. There are right ways of destroying hard disk drives and wrong ways. Common methods of destroying storage mediums include mangling, crushing, disintegration, melting, and degaussing.

Our Services Include Tape, Hard or SSD Drive Devices

Eliminate your concern about data security or exposure for all your data media devices now and in the future. Skv e-waste recycling offers turnkey customizable services to securely store, inventory, pack, erase, wipe/sanitize, degauss or destroy all data tape, HDD/rotary or SSD/solid state and flash drive media. We can lease or sell secure storage containers to stage your devices until a cost-effective quantity is ready for a service call.

Skv e-waste recycling provides onsite or offsite secure solutions across the US and the globe utilizing NSA (National Security Agency) and all other government certified eradication or destruction services to meet your requirements. Our network of certified partners and expertise in the industry allows us to utilize the best and most effective resource to meet your internal company objectives. We ensure the service meets all local government and environmental guidelines from the beginning to the end of the project.

With Skv e-waste recycling, your data’s destruction is carried out to meet whatever privacy regulations your business must adhere to — including local, regional, national or international standards. Perhaps you’re a leading healthcare provider that needs to destroy outdated hard drives to meet HIPAA-compliance or a major accounting firm looking to destroy backup tapes to meet all requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Whatever your business is, working with Skv e-waste recycling to manage your data and hardware’s handling and destruction is one of the most prudent business decisions you can make.